Employer branding video

Employer branding video

A great tool for building your brand

If one picture worth a 1000 words, then, a one minute video worth 1.8 million.

Why is it important to have your own employer branding video?

  • It opens up new platforms for targeted communication
  • Provides a great way to communicate about your company in many platform for various, segmented candidates
  • You can give insights about your company for the jobseekers which strengthens their commitment to your company

What topics should I include?

  • One day at the company
  • Behind the scenes
  • Career paths
  • Your recruitment process
  • Company events & gatherings


  Basic package Smart package Interview package
Concept consultation x x x
Scheduling x x x
Lighting x x x
Sound x x x
Editing x x x
Music x x x
Post -production x x x
Name and position subtitle x x x
Creating a youtube channel x x x
Youtube channel branding x x x
Number of short videos 1 pc 2 pc 4+1 pc
Outdoor scene/location 1 2 1
Days of shooting 1 2 1
Shooting discount for further events 10% 10% 10%
+ gratis 15mp facebook spot x x  
+ gratis 30 mp highlight spot     x
Prices 400.000 HUF+VAT 700.000 HUF+VAT 600.000 HUF+VAT
Call -out charge for out-of-town scenes 80 HUF+VAT /km
Optinal extras Price    
Drone 150.000 HUF+VAT    
Make up 45.000 HUF+VAT    
Infographic/other animation 50.000-től    
Subtitle(hungarian or english) 30.000 HUF+VAT    
Logo animation 60.000 HUF+VAT    
Film pro services * Price    
extra lighting 32.500 HUF+VAT    
extra cameraman 58.500 HUF+VAT    
extra camera technics 39.000 HUF+VAT    
Special camera movement 31.200 HUF+VAT    
extra post production, editing 36.400 HUF+VAT    
*These services can be ordered for any of the above packages      


If you have any questions, please contact our Employer Branding Video responsible Georgina Mezei at

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